Volunteers Needed for Various Club Committees

Most of these open committees can be performed by new club members too, so don’t be shy about volunteering. For those with the club’s old handbook, these jobs will look familiar! Please ask Sherry any questions about any of the positions, as it seems she usually ends up doing most of these jobs in addition to her other responsibilities and it is past time for them to be done by the membership again. Contact:  sherrygibbany57 [at] gmail [dot] com

Membership Chair is responsible for receiving inquiries from individuals interested in joining the Club or requesting information on becoming a member. The chair will read the completed applications at the next three general meetings before voting on the applicant. They are responsible for sending new/pending members information including email addresses and a short description of their interests like showing, performance events, working at shows (so we know the interest and can help the new member become a working longtime member) to the secretary, treasurer and newsletter committees to be added to mailing and volunteer lists. This committee reports to the secretary, and sends funds to be deposited to the treasurer. Cj Titus is retiring from this position to take up the position of newsletter as a division of the website.

Photos Chair is responsible for taking photos at varies club events and functions throughout the year. They can take the photos themselves or delegate the job with that person’s acknowledgment of the assignment for a particular upcoming event or activity.  Some larger events could use several photographers over the course of days to make a complete history of the event. The photo chair is responsible to seeing the usable photos are sent to the secretary (historian), web chair and any other chairs that may need photos for projects.

Publicity Chair is responsible for the advertising and promotion of kennel club events, public education functions, and community activities in local newspapers, flyers, billboards, radio and/or television. As there are several events in different locations of our club’s area, this job can be accomplished by different people covering these areas. This committee would submit copy and reports to the board to approve before public submission.

Sunshine Chair is responsible for sending cards, flowers or whatever is deemed appropriate for the situation. It is the responsibility of all club members to report to the Sunshine Committee Chair information needed regarding Club members who, due to ill health, hospitalization, loss of family members, etc are in need of cheering up. A budget approved by the board will be given to the Chair for purchase of these items. This committee reports to the secretary.

Trophy Chair  is responsible for forming committees to help in the solicitation of money for trophy sponsorship for the annual cluster shows, obedience and agility trials. This position can be delegated to several people to cover the different areas and activities. This committee would be under the direction and would report to the show/trial chair of each event.