100910_2010 Turkey Troyt Yellville AR_8391Oct 10 & 11, 2014 are the dates of NAKC’s Education Booth at Turkey Trot in Yellville, Arkansas 72687. Turkey Trot Schedule is found here: http://www.yellville.com/TURKEY-TROT.html
NAKC mans the education booth Friday afternoon and all day on Saturday until 5pm. The parade on Saturday is at 10am. You should be in town by 8:30 am to find parking if you are going to watch the parade, otherwise about 12:30-1pm it starts clearing out again of the first group of people visiting the square. If your dog is noise reactive you may want to miss the parade, it is loud and about an hour long. Several of us will be in the parade with our certified therapy dogs. NAKC has booth spaces 100 &101 that is on the same side of the street as Yellville Auto Parts Store and in front of the Baker Company Real Estate office. Can always use more help and to bring your well-socialized dogs to talk to people about your breed, dog activities in which you are involved, and dog ownership in general. We have regulars that come back year after year to see the dogs. Please email me  cj [at] dbarcy [dot] com if you would like to help in this fun event. Thank you to all that has volunteer already! ~ Cj L. Titus (Turkey Trot Chair)