turkeytrotmap2016October 7-8, 2016
Downtown Yellville, AR 72687
Turkey Trot Festival & NAKC – AKC Education Booth
(Responsible Dog Ownership Project)

NAKC’s Booth is Number 86 and will be in front of the lawyer’s offices on the same side of the street as and in between Dept. of Finance and Yellville Auto Parts.

The 2016 Turkey Trot Music & Festivities Schedule is HERE, the booths are up by 11 am on Friday. The booth stays opened until 6pm each day. We can store valuables in my office up the block at Jackson-Mitchell. On Saturday the parade line up is at 9am, but the activities start at 8am so parking near town is at a premium if you come later than 9. The Parade starts at 10 and Highway 62 is closed until it is over usually about 1 hour to 1-1/2 hours.

For those who would like to volunteer to help out and chat to hundreds of people about dogs, hand out brochures and make yourself available to answer questions to the best of your ability about dog activities and your dogs in particular, we would love to have you and your well-mannered dogs. For those who can bring dogs Friday or Saturday or both days let me know what day(s) and what time (hours) to be sure we rotate out so our volunteers so people have a place for their dogs and themselves under the tent. Please, only bring dogs that are comfortable with noise, crowds and attention of children and adults. If you plan on staying for any length of time go ahead and bring a chair to get a break off your feet and a crate for your dog. Please, bring whatever is necessary for your dog’s comfort.

We could use donations of homemade dog treats “cookies” to sell to offset the cost of the booth. Usually sell about dozens of packs of dog cookies over the weekend depending on the weather and sure could use some help baking them. There are a ton of recipes on the net, and we have some our favorites on our club’s website: http://www.northarkansaskennelclub.org/vintage-nakc-dog-treat-recipes/ and many more are in our club’s cookbook.
If you would like to help out making treats, let me know – email and I can give more instructions and can get labels set up for your baggies of treats.
I will be conducting AKC Urban CGC testing/observations at Turkey Trot. Prefer to do them on Friday or later Saturday afternoon. Cost will be $20 per testing team, and $15 will go to the club to cover the booth costs. For more information about the test contact me or go to http://www.akc.org/dog-owners/training/urban-canine-good-citizen/cgcu-test-items/
The test is modified as needed for the testing situation. Questions will be asked about car travel and can use my car at the office to show that the dog allows itself in a friendly controlled manner to enter and exit the vehicle.
I will set up appointments for doing the Urban test, and up to three handler teams at one time can be done. You must have a passed CGC test done previously to the Urban test as I do not have the facilities in Yellville to do the CGC testing at the same time. Please contact me at cj [at] northarkansaskennelclub [dot] org if interested or leave a text message at 870-404-1758.