I had the inmates after tearing down the match rings & mats, setup a fully matted 40 x 50 ring with ring gates in the blue building, behind the yellow building which held the match, at the fairgrounds in Harrison. The fair manager said that we can use that building, however the electricity is turned off. So we will need to do training during the day, and opening the garage door brings in more light. There is no heat, but IT IS FREE. She is not charging us and I told her we would keep them up for the next two months until April 2017.

We now have a temporary training place. I will post days and times for training whether for conformation or obedience. If you want to use the ring setup at other times, let me know and I will let you know if I can be there to unlock and lock up the facility. I cannot give out the keys.

sherrygibbany57 [at] gmail [dot] com