We have a building in Flippin, AR to use for obedience and conformation classes and maybe ultimately some agility. Thanks to Bambi for arranging this for the club’s use. The building is on Girard street behind the Rocking Chair Realty in Flippin. However, we will need to setup regular scheduled classes because we need to have the building opened up for us to use each time. This cannot be just a random come in and train anytime, we need to do as prearranged groups. $5 fee per person to cover electricity for the building.

Contact Bambi Walden cbwranch [at] flippinweb [dot] com for anyone interested in conformation, and she can arrange a date and time for those classes and additional fees.

If interested in obedience classes contact me at sidekick86 [at] windstream [dot] net. I am going to do training classes about twice a month when I know I am going to be in Cotter. I will group the beginner novice, prenovice, and novice people, and then the more advanced dogs together. Then do a separate class for rally. I will charge an additional fee on top of the $5 coverage fee for my time and training instruction. If you know of non-club members interested, have them contact me directly. The first class will be Friday Oct 3 at 11 am. This time probably will change or will have another time. I know many of you are trying to get ready for the Springfield show and so am I.