I would like to thank everyone who volunteered to ring steward this weekend.

Arlene Myslinski and Carol Sawyer Percifull who ran the raffle table.

Cj Titus, CJ Foster, Lynda Dudek, Charles Polacek, Sharon Pierce, Susan McSherry, Janice Johnson, Patricia Mole, Allie Bauwens, Barbara

Kay Woodworth, Jace Clark,  Patti Sontag, Keely Keenom, and Terell Wilbom.   I know that there are people I missed and thank you also!

I would also like to give a huge thanks to all of the exhibitors who stepped in at a moment’s notice to help in the ring.

To our exhibitors, thank you for coming.  Without you, there wouldn’t be a reason to hold trials.    I hope that you come back next year.

And of course our trial Chair Lisa Thompson and our trial SecretarySherry Redding Gibbany!

Congratulations to everyone who qualified this weekend.

Hope we see you next year!

I can never thank you enough for helping make this trial a success,

Lila Bauwens
Chief Ring Steward