ribbonsThese are the my dog’s ribbons (sorry no win pictures) from the Ozark Mountains Fall Classic Cluster, Nov 6-9. This represents a total of 11 GCH points and 3 major wins for my dog. Saturday, he came in BOS, he was beaten by his half sister who was handled by their breeder (also his co-owner) Kathy Greenwood. I had never handled my dog against his co-owner or even in her presence! Prior to this -I handled him in a few small shows just to get some ring time. This is my first time to win a major (much less 3); my first time to ring steward; my first time to show and share a space with my mentors and fellow club members (Dara, Betty, Patti) and my first 4 day cluster. Whew! Thank you NAKC, members, Dara and Betty especially- for making this possible. I will NEVER forget it!