CGCUOn Saturday, Sept 26, Cj L Titus of Lakeview administered the first Urban Canine Good Citizen for our local area. Today’s participants were Deputy Barney Fife CD BN RN THDX CGCA RATN RATI and Showcase Katie O’Hara McLintock THDN CGCA , both owned by Lynda and Walt Dudek of Mountain Home, Sheriff Andy Taylor CD BN RE NAJ THDX CGCA owned by
Charles Polacek of Mountain Home, SBD Posejpal’s Brsingr BN RE CGCA owned by Lila and Ronald Bauwens of Midway, and GCH CH Alouette’s Lord of the Rings RN CGC HIC TT owned by Susan McSherry of Marble Falls .
The test took place on the square with help from the vendors at the Farmer’s Market and their customers.

In addition to the skills required for the Canine Good Citizen Test, the Urban CGC requires dogs to exhibit special skills unique to
city-dwelling dogs.

*Exits/enters doorways (of dog friendly buildings) with no pulling
*Walks through a crowd on a busy urban sidewalk
*Reacts appropriately to city distractions (horns, sirens, etc.)
*Waits on leash, crosses street under control
*Ignores food and food containers on sidewalk
*Person approaches on sidewalk and pets dog
*3-minute down-stay in lobby of dog friendly building
*Safely negotiates stairs and elevators
*Enters, exits, rides dog-friendly transportation (car, subway in a
carry bag, cab)

“City dogs require a very special set of skills, including waiting to cross a street, ignoring food tossed on a sidewalk, behaving in
building lobbies and riding elevators,” said Mary Burch, Ph.D., Director of the Canine Good Citizen program. “Urban CGC reinforces practical, everyday skills for the millions of dogs living in urban areas today, creating safer, more responsible communities.”

Since 1989, more than 700,000 dogs and their owners have been recognized by the CGC program, which rewards the dogs’ good manners at home and in the community. In April 2015, AKC added the Urban CGC test.

More info on the testing requirements for these and other AKC titles can be found at