NAKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day Booth for Turkey Trot, Yellville Arkansas October 9-10, 2014

We were rained out the first day, but Saturday was a lot nicer, just cold and didn’t start raining again until about 2 pm. We made enough in donations with sales of 3 cookbooks, bows & dog treats to pay for the 2 booth spaces in one day, and a little leftover. AKC sent wonderful new plastic RDO bags, brochures, balloons, pencils, posters, large pamphlet/book to stuff the bags into new puppy, child items, and adult education versions  with the materials they sent. With all the rain and some wind it was a wonderful way to present and promote Responsible Dog Ownership Day without soggy or blown off the table papers!

Our 8 batches of homemade, no GMO ingredients treats flew off the tables as soon as we put them out. We do have a lot of regulars that come back year after year looking for our dog treats! Lynda Dudek with her miniature Poodle, Katie, helped setup, tear down & manned the booth and selling to anyone that even so much as glanced at us in the rain on Friday & Saturday. Charlie Polacek, with his obedience titled & therapy dog adv. titled Cavalier, Andy was on hand both days for setup, tear down and manning the booths in the worse weather that I can remember since doing this education project.  Carol Rinker with her Aussie, Creek, helped out at the booth early Saturday  for the parade & the crowds until early afternoon. Norma Smart helped with setup and manned the booth in the heavy rain on Friday with her Grand Champion Pomeranian, Tiny. C.J. Foster, drove in from Maryland with her rally obedience titled miniature Poodle, Sadie. She then helped run errands, setup the AKC packages and packaged the dog treats with the labels & ribbons. I found the adorable cellophane dog treat bags on the internet and just couldn’t resist them!  C.J. also picked up our newly finished AKC champion puppy, Nick in Tennessee on the way to Arkansas, and still  worked both days, and the setup & tear down. Lila Bauwens had to work on Friday & Saturday morning, so she came out on Saturday about noon with her AKC & UKC obedience titled GSD, Singe to help with the booth and tear down. My rally & therapy titled Tig  (toy poodle) was a great model with his harvest bow tie from Lucky Dog Accessories that donated a large box of bows for Turkey Trot.  Another vendor two booths down from us sent people who bought dog outfits to us to buy bows that would match! Thank you all that stuck through the cold, wet weather to make this a very successful event, helped promote responsible dog ownership, and showed off some great looking, obedient, wonderful temperaments, friendly dogs!