NAKC Match 2017

What a beautiful day for our Match on Saturday. Someone up above was smiling at all of us. We had a nice turnout as always wish there was more in numbers that being said I want to thank all of you for attending!!! Without the support of fellow club members we would not have a club like ours.

I want to thank Sherry her love of the sport and taking the time like always to have the Sheriff’s dept set up our rings and Judging. Want to thank all the other that judged our match as well. Wendy, Susan Gilbert, Dara, Ellen, Allan, and also that helped out Charlie, Arlene, and if I have missed anyone I am truly sorry. Cj for doing CGC and CGCA which we had a few that were very happy that they came, And things would not have run smoothly without Susan Mcsherry’s as Secretary, she took entry’s for the obedience and Rally for the first time and did an excellent job in my opinion.

Thank you for volunteering
Till Next year,
Patti Mole
Match Chair