It is time to vote for your nominee for each category.  This is for accomplishments by members in the year 2014.

Indicate why you think that individual is deserving of the award.  Must list or will not be considered in the finalists.

Once nominations cease then the top three in Most Outstanding Member and the top four in Service and Excellence Awards will then be sent out for a final vote.

Most Outstanding Member is a member who has displayed exempliary positive duties for the club, whether as officer/board member, in working events or taking charge of events that the club sponsors.   This is a member that stands out as far helping the club and making a positive impact to help the club be successful in the club’s various events and public education activities. (Sherry Gibbany is not eligible for any nominations for this award)

Service Award is designated for a member who exemplifies duties outside or within the club that provides a positive impact on the community or club or   member who volunteers their time to educate or help with training classes, etc.  Such as training classes, school visits, therapy visits, legislative actions, etc.

Excellence Award is designated for a member who has worked hard for the betterment of their breed, has made accomplishments with their dogs in the show ring whether be conformation or performance.

Nominated a member for each category (can be a different member for each or can duplicate a member in multiple categories if you fill they are deserving of the nomination).  YOU MUST INDICATE THE REASON THAT YOU  NOMINATED THAT MEMBER FOR THE AWARD OR THAT MEMBER NOMINATION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.


Awards Banquet is February 7, 2015 with final location to be announced soon.

Sherry Gibbany-Poulos
sidekick86 [at] windstream [dot] net
North Arkansas Kennel Club