In early February, Marsha Tonkinson was offered the Cesar Millan Foundation “Train to Rescue Scholarship” Marsha has been in contact with Jillian Dunn, the executive director, for over a year and half related to the North Central Unit Paws in Prison Program. The foundation has donated books, DVDs, and training aids to that program. The Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training I course is a major, hands-on way in which Cesar can help people learn how to achieve balance with their dog. Creating balance between people and dogs is at the core of everything Cesar teaches and an essential part of the mission of the Cesar Millan Foundation. We were in total shock. We used Go Fund Me to help with travel and hotel expenses and are very thankful for all the support from family and friends: we just love them all.

We drove 3,232 total miles over a three-day drive to California and back, with their dog Jasper, a black lab mix. Lynn got to meet Jillian and Cesar on graduation night. Our classes started on Monday and lasted four full days.The fifth day was for goodbyes. We covered so many different training topics. Each student had the opportunity to walk Cesar’s pack each day and received one-on-one time with Cesar as we walked. Cesar Milan is awesome in person, a very sweet, caring man. As an instructor, he is extraordinary; he will cover each topic until everyone understands it completely.

I made so many new friends at the center, other dog trainers, veterinarians, and some were dog owners wanting to learn how to better themselves and their dogs through training. We are all keeping in touch.

I brought back many new concepts and skills to our Paws in Prison program, “to be calm – have calm energy” is by far the most important.

Marsha Tonkinson
Marsha and the Paws in Prison program are featured on Cesar’s webpage.