Dear NAKC members,

As your Trial Chair for the July 18-20 obedience trials in Mountain Home, I wish to offer deepest thanks to everyone who helped make this event an unqualified success.  I am still getting to know some of you and may make an awful hash of a list of those who deserve mention, so please allow me to thank those I know.  Lila and her steadfast group of stewards who included Cj Titus and CJ Foster,  Lila’s daughter Allie, Lynda Dudek, Charlie Polacek, and the wonderful family who helped with Sunday’s Ring 1 as well as anyone I might have overlooked did a simply superb job. The rings ran like clockwork.  The C matches were a great hit with the exhibitors, and I am very grateful for help there from Susan Gilbert, Wendy Ethier, Lila, and Carol.

Carol and Arlene ran the raffle of donated items which attracted much participation.  Carol assembled the raffle baskets and displayed them to their best advantage.

No discussion of effort given to our shows would be complete without mentioning Sherry Gibbany.   She is a human dynamo.  Nothing phases her, and she’s always ready to do more.

All the conversation and feedback I heard was more than positive.  The building, the rings, the air conditioning, the crating, the parking, the motels, the restaurants, the town, and the people were all praised highly. The one thing that people may have loved most were the matches since so few clubs offer them, and most only offer one per show.

Thanks again, Lisa Thompson