Barbara AllenDonations? We have once again made a very nice profit from our November shows. We need to come up with some ideas of places to donate some of our profit to this coming year. Just some of my thoughts are local rescues, as we need to keep some of the money in our area. Someone mentioned about another police dog killed in the line of duty. Not sure if we still have K-9 units in our area, but a bullet proof vest for them would be a great idea. Think this over and we will discuss this at our next meeting on January 28th.  If you aren’t going to be able to be at this next meeting, you can email any of the Board members with your ideas.

We had a great time at our Holiday party, not a big turn out, but those who attended had great food and conversation. Mark it on your calendar now for next year when the date is published.

Really is cold out, make sure all your pets are warm.

Barbara Sarti-Allen