February 11, 2017
Awards Banquet

Big Creek Golf & Country Club

Big Creek Golf & Country Club
452 Country Club Drive
Mountain Home, AR 72653
It is that time of year to select the:
Outstanding Member Award
Service Awards
Excellence Awards

Outstanding Member: select someone who has stood out this year as far as their contribution to the club and events and activities of the club. Must be related to club events and activities. Someone who went above and beyond.
Select one person – Sherry Gibbany is exempt from this award.

Service Award: This award goes to 2 members who have made contributions in the dog world such as dog training classes, therapy work, school visits. Anything that contributes to education of dogs in some form or fashion.
Select two people for this award.

Excellence Award: This goes to 2 club members who have made outstanding achievements with their dog or breed. This applies to obedience, conformation, breeding programs, agility, any recognized event.
Select two people for this award.

With each nomination – please give a couple reasons that this person should be selected, if no reason is given then that nomination will be void. At the closing of nomination the top 3 in Outstanding, and top 5 in service and excellence will then be sent out via survey monkey to select the top outstanding and top 2 in excellence and service.

Deadline will be January 20, 2017 For preliminary nominations information. Send nominations to me via email at sherrygibbany57 [at] gmail [dot] com.

In Recognition of Dog Titles for 2016, Email me the information on the way you want the dog’s name to appear on the plate(s), full name of the breed, and each title received. If you need a plaque to put plates on, please let me know so they can be ordered. Send all information to me sherrygibbany57 [at] gmail [dot] com by January 20, 2017.