Allan Reznik had two wonderful judging assignments recently, a month apart.

On Thursday, May 5, he had the honor of judging Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes at the Tibetan Spaniel Club of America National Specialty in Topeka. He was thrilled to draw an entry of 37 puppies and 7 veterans.

On Friday, June 3, he judged the Gateway Hound Club’s final “A” match at Purina Farms. Since this evening match took place right before the St. Louis Afghan Hound Specialty and the huge Saluki Club of America National Specialty, he had a large, quality-filled entry of sighthound and scenthound breeds. ~ Allan Reznik

Besides the brags, Allan has a cry, too. He managed to fall while walking Afghans late at night on their dark country road, dislocated his elbow and currently has his right arm—of course it’s the writing and typing arm!—in a bright blue cast while the ligaments heal. ~ Allan Reznik