I know I am a little late in getting out this big thank you to all club members that made the Ozark Mountain Fall Classic a HUGE success. Jerry O’Dell, Barb Allen for being on the committee and helping with judges, hospitality and fielding problems. Faye Martin for being the chief ring steward and the stewards that helped with stewarding at some point during the 4 days include Ellen Brock, Dara Wilcox, Betty Rego, Sarah Schroeder, Arlene Myslinski, Lori Sloas, Betsie Czeschin, Allan Reznik, Charles Milner, Patti Mole, Cj Titus, Lila Bauwens, Rhonda Ludwig, Susan McSherry.  I know I may have forgotten someone but a big kudos and thank you because it couldn’t have run so smoothly without you in the rings helping.

Margaret and Lyle Rothschiller for so efficiently running and setting up the raffle with the help of Sandy Girth with OKC.  We made $2388 on the raffle alone.

Gordon Watkins deserves a huge thank you for helping with the reserved grooming which was a little tight and he was there at 6:30 am every morning and stayed there until around 10 pm on several nights. That was a big job dealing exhibitors and Ron Girth, Gordon Watkins, and John Williams did it effortless (at least in our eyes, know it wasn’t in their eyes).  And of course, Susan Watkins for lending her husband to work so hard because she had to take care of the dogs.

A big thank you to the ones who donated monetary donations for trophies:  Susan McSherry, Cheryl and Bob Petersen, Leda Thompson, Patti Sontag, Patti Mole, Barbara Wright, Jerry O’Dell, Barb Allen, Ellen Brock, Gordon and Susan Watkins, Allan Reznik, Charles Milner, Bambi Walden, Arlene Myslinski, Cj Titus and C J Foster.

I will have the figures on the show, Thursday night at the general meeting.  Once again if I left anyone out I apologize up front, there were so many club members that came up to help and it was so greatly appreciated.  There is no way that it could have been so successful without each and every one of you.

I also would like to say it was nice to see Barbara Wright who came up on Saturday to watch the show.

I am not sure about anyone else, but I had so much fun seeing everyone and seeing how large the show was.  OKC and NAKC worked so well together and we looking forward to next year, so the committee has met and we are working on next year’s show.

Sherry Gibbany-Poulos
North Arkansas Kennel Club