Every year to start off the new year, North Arkansas Kennel Club puts on a stand-alone  All Breed/Obedience “B” Match usually the third weekend in January. Our match gives new club members a chance to learn the “jobs” to run a smooth trial or all breed show. Practice judging in the conformation ring or obedience & rally rings, brush up stewarding skills, and having a great time in a casual atmosphere to chat to old and new friends. We help and encourage new show people with their first show/performance dog to learn the “ropes” in a relaxed, supporting activity that also includes some showing tips from experience handlers .

January 2015 Match

Annual AKC B/OB "B" Match in Harrison, Arkansas

Match 2013

January 2013 B/OB Match held in Harrison, Arkansas

Match 2012

January B/OB NAKC Match - Harrison, Arkansas

Match 2011

B/OB January Match - Harrison, Arkansas

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Over the years we have sponsored various workshops and seminars covering a wide variety of subjects. Conformation handling (the breed show ring) and presentation (how to show your show dog to its best advantage), advertising your “special,” (what and how to advertise in breed, dog, and show online & printed magazines) breeding and selecting show and performance dogs (what you need to look for in your pups), agility workshops (learn agility or sharpen up your handling), rally workshops and obedience workshops (learning how to do obedience & rally courses/exercises) have all been well-received by our members and guests.

Norma Smith July 2016 Seminar

Seminar - Conformation 2008

Corky Vroom Seminar 2008

Seminar - Rally 2007

Margery West Rally Seminar

Seminar - Obedience 2010

Gayle Brown Obedience Seminar March 2010

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