nancy-jazzy-mach6The agility trial was a huge success again this year. Couldn’t have pulled it off without the help of so many of the club members and your hard work as well as the exhibitors stepping in to help. I would like to thank the following club members:
Nancy Schanda and Carol Baron for being chief course builders and all the hard work they put into course building which is one of the hardest jobs physically; Charles Polacek for everything he did all 3 days (a definite hard worker and someone who is not afraid to step in and try a new job); Dara Wilcox, Betty Rego, Sharon Pierce, Ellen Brock, Gordon Watkins, Janice Johnson (who took over the ring stewards which I was thankful), Kay Woodworth, Susie Baker, Irene Bessette (who brought goodies for the workers on Thursday and so was greatly appreciated), Lila Bauwens, Cj Titus, Lynda Dudek, Donna Hugh, Arlene Myslinski, and Lois Miller who set me up with a contact at Community First in Berryville who donated $150 for the trial. Most of all Patti Mole for stepping up to volunteer for Trial Chair. She did an outstanding job for someone who knew nothing about agility. She called the motels for me, she arranged the workers luncheon and went and got the food, and learned what needed to be done without being told, that is the making of a great trial chair. Patti you were awesome.

Our club members that competed did well: Carol Baron, Nancy Schanda, Donna Hugh, Sherry Gibbany, Charles Polacek, Lila Bauwens, Kay Woodworth and Janice Johnson. Nancy Schanda got her MACH 6 on her sheltie, Jazzy on Saturday. Congratulations Nancy.

~ Sherry